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How to adjust the probe/proximity sensor in the 3D printing module?
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  • John Fiott

    1. The steps shown in the Youtube video are completely unclear. Even zooming in results in an unclear picture. 

    2. Is it possible to do the calibration of the 1 mm without entering those codes?

    3. What do each of these codes do?

    4. What is the purpose of having the machine connected to Luban? Does Luban need to be updated with the new values or would it work just the same?

    5. My machine is not located close to my laptop. Can the codes be entered while connected with wifi?


  • K.H. Tan

    Can you please clarify what the photo after Para 1 is supposed to show? It is really not a good photo and neither is the red annotation on it.

  • Boyu Wang

    I just received my snapmaker 2. I do run into calibration issues, which improved after I found out my nozzle was not pushed all the way in. However, auto-calibration is still not great. I have since switched to manual calibration.

    If I apply this fix, would it improve my auto-calibration result? 

  • Boyu Wang

    Do you have a better proximity sensor I can buy and install? I would rather spend some extra to fix this issue. 


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