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What is the recommended 3D printing settings in Cura or Simplify3D for Snapmaker 2.0?



  • Chris Want

    I'm a little confused because the settings in step 5 do not match the screenshots in step 3 or step 4. Can you explain? Are the G-code settings in step 5 for the "Printer" tab or the "Extruder 1" tab? Or for some other setting? Thanks!

  • Chris Want

    Also, in the printer settings your y min and y max are the same value...

  • hermann.fellner

    Cura (V4.6.0) does not accept the values you showed in your screenshot.. the X/Y min/max settings can't be greater than zero, it does not even permit you to type any number that is not negative. However, the default values are exactly the negative representation of what you show in the screenshot. Is that what you meant?

    Also, Cura does not seem to find my A350 in Monitor mode, while it was able to connect to Snapmaker Original just fine.. any idea, what could be the problem?

  • John Fiott

    Maybe it is the version we are using but Cura 4.6 cannot be set with the settings you gave us.. It is not possible to set the values indicated to any positive value. Also the comments in the Gcode for the printer (not the extruder) are partially hidden so I have no idea what they say.

    Can you please clarify as I would not like to damage my printer due to some incorrect setting?

    Also I am unable to connect over wi-fi to the printer from Cura but I suppose I can always use the USB pendrive for this so its not a major problem.




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