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The Definitive Guide to Laser Engraving and Cutting with the Snapmaker
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  • Mark Nuttall

    Great article, can you do this as a pdf file so it is downloadable it can then be used as a quick reference guide.?

  • Rainie Zou

    Hello, we can't do this as a pdf file but you can save the online article to PDF file. Here is the instructions:

  • Aaron (Sarwiz)

    First, i am not paying for a convertor. You should provide this guide in PDF frmat for download as support. All u geeky people and you want us to pay more for support. Put this guide in PDF and do it soon. You have no other manuals for the laser cutter, and i am regretting my purchase. Even trying to copy and paste this into word or open office does not work. Why do you have to have your website so locked out like this. novapdf is not free. apparently you dont friggin care.


  • Bjorn Birkeland

    It is not hard to convert this to PDF for free, a simple search would help you a lot on most search engines. Just type "How to save a web page "operating system of choice""


    This might help you:

    Open it in Google Chrome. This works on both Mac, Linux and Windows. 

    Choose "File -> print -> Save as PDF"

    If you have a Mac you can print to PDF from any browser.

    From safari you can choose "File -> Share as PDF".

    On Ubuntu you can save it as PDF by choosing "Print to".

    On Windows 10 you can save as PDF by choosing "Print to".

    On IOS you can choose the share symbol, choose print - when you see the preview of the page you just zoom on the page in preview and then you have the PDF ready to be saved. You can also just choose share symbol and choose "make PDF". 

    I have no idea how to do this on Android, but quite sure it is easy. 

    You can also save the link as a bookmark to the page for easy refinding.

  • Mark Nuttall

    For Android. Print file. And chose to print as a
    PDF.. . Works on Samsung S8+. Saved all the instructions files as PDF's using that.

  • Tomer Schwartz

    here you go, download the pdf here:

  • John Holcomb

    Thank you so much for this article! 

    One adjustment I'd suggest for plywood engraving with the 1600mw Laser (on the Snapmaker 1, but I'd assume would be true for version 2):

    For Greyscale engraving, 100% is too much, even with dwell time of only 5ms. It burns too much on each dot. I found that 50% power works much better, with 5ms dwell time.

  • Edudavidne

    After finding this helpful resource I copied the images with the 1600mW settings of the Laser Engraving and cutting guide, pasted them into a document, resized them so each material type fit on its own page and then turned the document into a PDF.  I plan to keep the guide in a helpful file for sharing with others.  You can find the shared PDF file here:

    or here is the shared folder that contains the document and will hopefully have other resources over time:

    I just received my new Snapmaker A350 and I plan to share anything I find helpful that isn't already in a helpful shared location so if anyone has other items they think may be helpful to the community that they want to shre with me feel free to send it to me and I will add it to the folder.  Here is to everyone sharing their creativity with each other.


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