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What should I do if the filament does not move in smoothly?
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  • Christoph Schwaeppe

    SOVED: Nozzle was jammed.


    I have done all the steps above. But during printing the motor doesn't squeze out any filament.

    Possible causes:

    • The nozzle is jammed.
      No, it isn't
    • The gear is loosened;
      No, it isn't
    • The motor cannot rotate during the printing process;
      In the very beginning of a print it squezes out some filament and during traveling it retracts the filament and pushes it back again
    • The motor itself is broken so that it cannot provide enough strength;
      The motor is turning in both directions
    • The chip that controls the motor, which is in the controller, is defective.
      Then it shouldn't do anything, rightt?
  • Edwin

    Thanks, Christoph,

    1, When the nozzle is jammed, the filament cannot come through the nozzle, so you need to clean the nozzle by inserting new filament or the wrench or replacing the hot end kit.

    2, When the gear is loosened, it cannot provide enough force to pull the filament out, but you can tighten it by yourself.

    3, The motor rotates in one direction to pull out the filament, if your motor rotates in two direction, please contact for help.

    4, When the chip in the main controller, which controls the motor, is defective, the motor will fail to pull out the filament.




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