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What is the customs duty/VAT will be on shipping?
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  • Chris Lindsey

    This information does not seem to be accurate for US? Also Snapmaker should really be more transparent on tariff costs and not make people search for the following information. Currently tariff is at a significant 35% (+ $420.00 at current pre-order price for A350) for HS code 847759, according to  Also according to HTS, the 3D printer under 847759 is NOT on the additional tariff (15%) list. Quote from "China Tariffs.pdf" from HTS: and HS numbers before and after the missing 847759.

    "Search for an 8-digit subheading of interest; if it appears on this list, products in that subheading are subject to the 15 percent additional duty.





  • Thomas Wright

    Bottom line; what is the actual HTS number and current tax/fee going to be on a US order of (a) A150, (b) A250, and (c) A350?

    Sorry, but I'm not pre-ordering an up to $1300 (arguably VERY cool) machine that may or may not be subject to a several hundred dollar "tax fine" that "we all hope will go away" before it ships.


    Took a few time to look into it, but the info didnt seem to follow. But have a look to what I have found that is updated to current status.


  • Yesilturna

    What do you have to pay for when you order it from Germany?

  • Dennis Fox

    In June 2020, the website shows the tariff at 3.1%.

  • Rejean Tremblay

    On ne peut pas savoir combien va nous coûter cette machine avec les droits de douanes et la taxe, ç'est un manque de transparence de la part de Snapmaker

  • Glenn Bollue

    I had to pay an additional 221 eur for Belgium. Really annoying but nothing to do about it

  • Knols Timo

    I had to pay an additional 255.76 euro for delivering the A350 to Belgium.

  • Trevor R. Lewis

    This article is frustratingly non-informative. "we all hope" ... "you will be responsible to pay the fee" tell me nearly nothing specific on what I should expect and how I should be prepared to respond.

    I'm in the USA. I preordered an A350 in December 2019. I mistakenly got rid of the email connected with my original order and so I actually don't remember the precise price that I paid.

    _HOW MUCH_ With regard to the tariff, what % applies to my particular purchase? Does the tariff apply to the entire price or does the tariff only apply to amounts above the $800 mentioned above? Is the tariff assessed based on my early/discount purchase price, or on a full retail price on a 'value of the goods' basis?

    _WHEN_ is the tariff assessed, _WHO_ will ask me for the payment, and _HOW_ do I pay the payment? In other words, will I receive a message from Snapmaker, or will I get a message from US Customs telling me that my printer is 'being held hostage' somewhere until I pay a fee to US Customs?

    I'd really like to have clarity on the above so that:

    1) I can plan and budget for what I will need to pay, and when I will need to pay it, so that I will be ready and able to pay it

    2) I will be able to watch for any legitimate communication, and be able to recognize it as a legitimate communication and know that it is not a scam. Random or unclear solicitations for payment will seem like scams, and might even get sequestered by my email spam filter where I will never see them.

    3) I won't be at risk of my printer getting 'tied up' somewhere because I didn't know how to watch for and respond in the appropriate way at the appropriate time.

    I think that this is a great product and I really look forward to it but to me it's a minimum of basic customer service and product support to provide information to make these things fully and precisely clear to the customer.


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