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What is the shipping/delivery date/ETA of my Snapmaker 2.0?
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  • ahmed abdou

    dont know if iam a backer or not and all the info about delivering is misleading 

  • Joseph (Josh) Kuebbing

    The info about pre order shows if you order now its just the order page. I ordered several months ago day after kickstarter ended. How do i find my estimated delivery date. Or is there a contact to ask i have order number but no info sence then

  • mihai rus

    Same as Joseph, I ordered several months ago day after kickstarter ended. How do i find my estimated delivery date.

  • David Badgley

    Same as Joseph, I ordered an A350 on July 18th, 2019. My delivering was estimated to be in March, 2020. It would be nice to be able to get some information on the status of the order.

  • Bill Russell

    They sent an email with adjusted dates.
    If you ordered in between these dates,
    June - August 2019 Delivery is July 2020
    September - November 2019 Delivery is August 2020
    December 2019 - February 2020 Delivery is September 2020

  • jesus tarodo diaz

    No creo tener problemas me mandan este mes junio 2020 el cuestionario y en julio 2020 la maquina en principio la contraseña de kictktarter ya no me sirve no se si por eso tendre problemas me podeis decir algo por ejemplo lo que hace falta gracias.

  • manang96


    my backer number is 5683 and when are you going to ship it?

  • Danny Chan

    Hi, when will you ship out my Snapmaker 2.0?
    Order no.: SM201949793

  • Esteban Flores

    I have bee patient, but I don't understand why people who place an order just a month ago will receive theirs 2 months later when people who order since last year haven't received even an email, saying hey we will send it soon or any update, we sent an email a few months ago, and your response was the link showing the dates that possibly you will be shipping, in general, the orders made on those dates, so please help us to have a peace of mind knowing more about the shipping of the Snapmaker A350, hope you can publish something so many more would feel better.

  • Justin Malone

    Are new orders going through? because if that is the case I might as well cancel my per-order from last year and place a new order. I might loose the discount but lets face it, because of how long its taken, I have lost that discount through interest alone.

  • Mark Neubauer


    I would sure like to know what bank you are with that you get that much interest, cause man that is awesome.


    To both Justin and Esteban, I doubt very highly that anyone is getting there order before you. The snap maker team has been very forthcoming with information and I will eat my words if you can prove to me that people are getting their orders before all of us that pre-ordered.

    I think that this company is doing a splendid job of keeping us informed, and for once I actually might get the item that I paid for, unlike the 8 other things I have invested in and got NOTHING.

    I ordered mine in February of this year, things got delayed, but I believe them when I hear October.

  • Alejandro Jasaui

    Muy atentamente requiero la siguiente información

    Mi solicitud es 45944 pero no se cual es su estado ni tengo forma de hacerle seguimiento

    quisiera saber cuando me esta llegando.

    agradeciendo de antemano

    Alejandro Jasaui

    511 942-818607



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