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Why is the relationship of the maximum heated bed temperature of the three models: A350<A250<A150?


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  • Claus Ziegler

    Hi, I understand your argumentation about a "cost efficient solution"

    However a given design requires a minimum size of the 3D printer and  - most likely - for a special type of resin, to achieve at the end the desired function.

    So this is nothing I can "choose" if I want the part and the function.

    As a result a need to have the higher temperature at the 350 or I cannot use the snapmaker 2.0 at all.

    If for a lot of people the lower temperature of 80 Degree is not a concern, that is fine, but removing the option to make a "temperatutre upgrade" completely does not sound the best solution to me.

    As said: It is not my choice it is a technical requirement for some type of parts and resins and if I want to 3D print them at home I am limited with the snapmaker 2.0.

    The size of the 350 is fine but I cannot use the resin I need for the required function:

    Game over player one ...



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